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PKF Cabrera Internacional

PKF Cabrera Internacional S.A. is a Colombian firm with headquarters in the city of Cali, Columbia. We have more than 25 years of experience providing specialized professional services in auditing and information assurance, advising and consulting in the tax, legal, exchange, foreign trade, business and management areas, with specialists in different economy's sectors, thus contributing to our clients' achievement of strategies, objectives and goals. In addition, we offer our clients and third parties training and education.

Our philosophy is to serve our clients, providing personalized and constant attention through its partners, directors and professionals, generating trust and transparency. This is our main drive to satisfy our clients with the best practices. We are committed to their business and financial development.

The organizational culture of PKF Cabrera Internacional S.A. is based on the principle of our team motivation which, in turn, reflects in high quality and timely work for our clients. Also important, our corporate social responsibility impacts our society through different support programs.

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Hector Henry Cabrera Rayo
Hector Henry Cabrera Rayo
Tel: +57 2 485 4141
Status: Member

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PKF Cabrera Internacional
Calle 25 Norte # 5N - 57
Valle del Cauca
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